Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everybody has a beautiful and paceful holiday!! :)


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Check me out on Wikipedia

I was sooo surprised when I have found myself on wikipedia!!! :O OMG! Me? Someone made a really detailed article about me - and (at least now) everything is true! :D
Thank you very much for the article who wrote it and I'm gonna do everything to make the story longer! :) (with good stuff of course XD )

Anyway if you wanna get some more neak peeks from my works you can follow me on twitter too (I'm going to used to it I hope)

Bye! ;)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Cross Tale teaser trailer premiere

So about Cross Tale ( the Sailor Moon - Dragon Ball crossover) I have interesting news! Originally I wanted to make it as a gift becouse I was invited to this premiere! It was made as a short film and it's trailer was shown in the televiion but after that!!! After that I got an offer for dubbing! But just if I create it into a decent long cartoon! What can I do? :D Of course - although it will be my hardest work in my life - don't know if I ask for help, but I can imagine - but I had to convert my short film into a teaser trailer! So here is it:

I decided to make the story into an OVA - don't tell how many episodes (don't even know yet) but I already started the works... but for help in colouring and video editing I might go back to the animation studio - to be able to finish the first episode for a possible 2010 release! It's so exciting! :)
I'm gonna post every news about Cross Tale, send sneek peaks and everything but I also started the works for my next music video for a hungarian celebrity! :) It'll be fun! ;)

Bye! :)

premiere in the cinema on november 18

Huhh, my friends, I'm sorry I didn't update decent my blog (though I'm very busy) - so here are the news!!! :)

On November 18 we were in a cinema in Kecskemét (the capital of animation in Hungary) where my winner Speakerphone video and my new work - Cross Tale - were premiered!
Before the show I was invited to an animation studio - I was lead around there - it was very interesting and useful becouse I could met some very interesting people who could help me later! :)
Then the premier in the cinema was smething mindblowing - people came to see my MY work!!!! It's so unbelievable for me yet! But I'm very grateful for everyone who came! :)
And one of the best thing about 18th is I got my professional reviews - what I was so nervous about - and they were favorable!!!! This is the best!!!
So after all that day made me even more determined! Thank you all!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Official Cross Tale trailer on november 4th!!!!

Hi everyone!
The trailer for Cross Tale - my next cartoon - kicks off on november 4th on the television! :)
For hungarians: See me on november 4th on M1 - at 17:50! I'll be a guest in a Tv program and I'll talk about my Kylie project and this Cross Tale project too!
After the TV premier I'll upload it into my official youtube channel :
Good Bye people and see me on the TV! ;)


Thursday, 15 October 2009

Cross Tale news!!!

Hi everybody! Last 2 week were crazy - I was in almost every television channel - I have zero freetime but.... I LOVE IT! :D I've promoted Kylie quite much and myself as well of course - and I got already offers - and 2 of them are really awesome!!! But they are secrets yet - and nor official so We'll see! :)

But go back to the present! Next project: really very tiny little short film :D Called Cross Tale! :D
Some infos: It will be released in november 18 (2 days after my birthday) so this is all a celebration!! I mean this short film is a thank you for 2 of my most beloved cartoons - actually they launched me to the direction of animation!
In this animation you can see the characters from Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon.
Hope you'll like it! ;)

Monday, 5 October 2009


Guys, I am so happy! I can finally tell I won the competition! I am so excited! Well it was a hard day so I just post here the basic things, but as I'll have more time I'll upload more! :)
then my video from the crowd:
Thank you very much for this incredible amazing reaction!
And Good night everyone! Sweet dreams! I'm sure I'll have! :)


Sunday, 4 October 2009


Tonight Hollywood premier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited, I can't wait - I'm going to upload some pics from the show - And I'm looking forward how will they welcome it!!!! Pleeeeeeeeease love it!!! :D

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Countdown begins!!! :)

The countdown is beginning for the premier in Hollywood!!! I can't wait for it!!!! And then the meeting with Kylie! Excited! .... and the new project is on it's way! Soon infos... :)

Monday, 21 September 2009

Well, a new week started so I update my blog! It's quite poor yet so I begin with a decent introduction!
I don't want it to be too long... so here I come:

My name is Rudolf Pap, I was born in Hungary on 16/11/89 - so I'm 19 now...
I'm a totally usual guy - I'm at the University now at Literature and Grammar department - although I strongly believe I'm at the wrong place becouse my greatest dream is to be a famous animator! I love cartoons since I was born :D I remember when I was very little I copied the Disney cartoons, then the anime craziness was reached our country as well - so that was my new favourite... But I was different from the most of children becouse in my free time I was just drawing - nothing else - I found out stories about my favourite cartoons and I drawed them... Then when I was around 10-12 years old I tried to do animations - I looked at how do the characters moving and then I drawed them... Ahhh how nostalgic... But enough today I don't want to be boring :D So next time I'll tell you that big secret I was talking about - I can't do it yet! :)
Good bye everyone! :)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

My life is going on - I'm very busy at the moment! :)

Well, next that I'm a future animator, I'm a model and a student too! On the summer I was busy with my works with the Speakerphone animation, but next to that I made time to shoot with a genial photographer for a korean label. I got not long ago the pictures and I'm very confident, they are beautiful... maybe I'll post them here too! But it's not good just becouse of that - becouse I was entertaining at the photoshoot - I was invited to South Korea for an underwear shoot at the end of this october!!! WOW! I'm shocked - I admire Asia and Seoul is a wonderful and exciting place so I'm really excited! Of course I have to start the training and work out my body becouse it won't be that easy - but never mind! Next to that, I'm over with my firs 2 weeks on the University - which was a bit more tireing than I was imagined - but I think just I need to get use to it and It will be better!
But I store the best new to the end! Soon you will know about it too! ;) (Yeah I'm nasty! :D)

Rudolf :)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Kylie Minogue Speakerphone - The animation

Well this is my video for the Speakerphone contest! But what is mor important - My FIRST CARTOON EVER!!! That's becouse it's very special to me - so I hope you'll like it! :) More details will come very soon! :) I got better and better with this blog thing! :D


Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Cross Tale

Wow, this is my first project, and my first topic... and my first wep page - so I am a really first timer... So introduction and everything going to be later - First I try to build up my page! ;)

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