Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Countdown begins!!! :)

The countdown is beginning for the premier in Hollywood!!! I can't wait for it!!!! And then the meeting with Kylie! Excited! .... and the new project is on it's way! Soon infos... :)

Monday, 21 September 2009

Well, a new week started so I update my blog! It's quite poor yet so I begin with a decent introduction!
I don't want it to be too long... so here I come:

My name is Rudolf Pap, I was born in Hungary on 16/11/89 - so I'm 19 now...
I'm a totally usual guy - I'm at the University now at Literature and Grammar department - although I strongly believe I'm at the wrong place becouse my greatest dream is to be a famous animator! I love cartoons since I was born :D I remember when I was very little I copied the Disney cartoons, then the anime craziness was reached our country as well - so that was my new favourite... But I was different from the most of children becouse in my free time I was just drawing - nothing else - I found out stories about my favourite cartoons and I drawed them... Then when I was around 10-12 years old I tried to do animations - I looked at how do the characters moving and then I drawed them... Ahhh how nostalgic... But enough today I don't want to be boring :D So next time I'll tell you that big secret I was talking about - I can't do it yet! :)
Good bye everyone! :)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

My life is going on - I'm very busy at the moment! :)

Well, next that I'm a future animator, I'm a model and a student too! On the summer I was busy with my works with the Speakerphone animation, but next to that I made time to shoot with a genial photographer for a korean label. I got not long ago the pictures and I'm very confident, they are beautiful... maybe I'll post them here too! But it's not good just becouse of that - becouse I was entertaining at the photoshoot - I was invited to South Korea for an underwear shoot at the end of this october!!! WOW! I'm shocked - I admire Asia and Seoul is a wonderful and exciting place so I'm really excited! Of course I have to start the training and work out my body becouse it won't be that easy - but never mind! Next to that, I'm over with my firs 2 weeks on the University - which was a bit more tireing than I was imagined - but I think just I need to get use to it and It will be better!
But I store the best new to the end! Soon you will know about it too! ;) (Yeah I'm nasty! :D)

Rudolf :)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Kylie Minogue Speakerphone - The animation


Well this is my video for the Speakerphone contest! But what is mor important - My FIRST CARTOON EVER!!! That's becouse it's very special to me - so I hope you'll like it! :) More details will come very soon! :) I got better and better with this blog thing! :D


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