Saturday, 28 August 2010

Thank you people!!!!! :)

Lately I got especially much nice feedbacks from you people, so I want to thank you for these!
This week in the new issue of AS magazine I got a very nice fanart from Rácz Dóra - Köszönöm szépen, nagyon szép lett a rajz!
The other thing - a veeeery nice girl made a tribute video to my modelling work, Thanks her very much!!!! :)

Saturday, 7 August 2010

New shoot, with a making of vid

Here is a new editorial shot by the fantastic Martin Tuma. The pictures were for a fashion exhibition.

here is a little behind the scenes video:

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Love Sophie Ellis-Bextor

I thought I have to write this out! :D
 I just discovered this woman and I have to say I love her! Everything - the style, the music, everything... but the most - her face! I couldn't help but notice, she has the best face in history!
So she immediately jumped up and right now, she is my 2nd fave artis - after Kylie of course (nobody can beat the goddess)
So my next video will be hers. And it's official.
Here is a pic, what will it be like:

1st chapter: Awakening

Sooooo the searching for American publishers has started. It's so exciting, I hope I can find a good one!
Anyway in Hungary it's time for the new chapter to come out - In fact it's the real 1st chapter, because the previous was an introduction extra chapter.
So in this one the story is starting and I hope everybody will like it! AND! I hope you'll appreciate the changes I made, compared to the intro chapter!
Anyway, here is the cover for the first chapter:

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