Sunday, 22 January 2012


Hey everyone!

Exciting times - lately I was really busy with my exams, but more importantly I went deeper in my works with 3D animation - as my next projejt (an intro film and a complete new graphics design for a bedding company) needs it... But I love it - it gives more possibilities for 2D as well!
On the other side, I had a very interesting photoshoot for Filler Magazine with the great Vivienne Balla and soon I'll have 2 more shootings in London with 2 great great photographers as well! Can't wait to go! :)

Oh yeah, random thing: lots of you ask what program I use for my animations - well, unfortunately I don't really know any specific program to make chracters moving and I don't really like those ways anyway - so my animation is absolutely traditional, so I draw every frame, and as I work alone I do all the other jobs as tweening and coloring and background painting as well! Sorry guys, it's tough! But from experience I can say usually when you try to find the easy way, then it doesn't look nice or you can see it's not as good as wanted it to be, so I rather do it in the hard way... but I love it, so I don't mind at all :)

But a good thing: Next week we are shooting a little behind the scenes for "Closer" video - can't wait to show some interesting stuff to you guys! ;)

Take care,


Monday, 9 January 2012

SA Awards

Thanks again for this incredible night! I got the "Most Anticipated Award" in Switzerland not long ago - I hope to grow up to their reputation! :)

P.S.: Thanks for the suit to Bori Tóth!

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