Thursday, 15 October 2009

Cross Tale news!!!

Hi everybody! Last 2 week were crazy - I was in almost every television channel - I have zero freetime but.... I LOVE IT! :D I've promoted Kylie quite much and myself as well of course - and I got already offers - and 2 of them are really awesome!!! But they are secrets yet - and nor official so We'll see! :)

But go back to the present! Next project: really very tiny little short film :D Called Cross Tale! :D
Some infos: It will be released in november 18 (2 days after my birthday) so this is all a celebration!! I mean this short film is a thank you for 2 of my most beloved cartoons - actually they launched me to the direction of animation!
In this animation you can see the characters from Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon.
Hope you'll like it! ;)


    IS THAT ALL TRUE, BECAUSE IM A VERY BIG FAN OF SAILOR MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi!
    I'm from Chile...
    I'm also a big fan of both Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, so knowing about your production was an astonishing piece of news for me

    Good luck in all your projects and thanks for joining these animes...

  3. ok i waited all this time for nothing in my cinimas were wasent cross tale,, i demand to know were is this movi been shown!


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