Saturday, 28 November 2009

premiere in the cinema on november 18

Huhh, my friends, I'm sorry I didn't update decent my blog (though I'm very busy) - so here are the news!!! :)

On November 18 we were in a cinema in Kecskemét (the capital of animation in Hungary) where my winner Speakerphone video and my new work - Cross Tale - were premiered!
Before the show I was invited to an animation studio - I was lead around there - it was very interesting and useful becouse I could met some very interesting people who could help me later! :)
Then the premier in the cinema was smething mindblowing - people came to see my MY work!!!! It's so unbelievable for me yet! But I'm very grateful for everyone who came! :)
And one of the best thing about 18th is I got my professional reviews - what I was so nervous about - and they were favorable!!!! This is the best!!!
So after all that day made me even more determined! Thank you all!

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