Thursday, 31 March 2011

Skater Boyz for Kyra Bak

photographer: Laci Mester
Make up: Julika Lépő
Styling: Kyra Bak &Annamaria Madar
models: Aty (WAM), Rudolf (ART)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Wishing all the bests for Japan!

At the recent situation I think it's very important for everybody to support Japan - those who are able physically, the others emotionally!
I send to all my Japanese friend lots of love and wish you all the bests! Be strong, it'll be better very soon!!!!



Hey everybody - yesterday was sooo packed - I had two shoots in one day - the first for Kyra Bak (designer, stylist) - it was a very-very good, colorful 'skater' shoot with another guy for a fashion magazine here - it was very funny, our faces and arms were painted all over and had very cool clothes and jewels!
The other was for another designer - Sophie Boncsér - who made a man-skirt and we did the promo for that - by the way the man-skirt looks really awesome!! I didn't think!  Aaand the photographer was Peter Hencz, who is amazing! I was already a great fan of his photos and I was very happy to be able to work with him! Aaand we will do another shoot next week, couldn't be better! :)
Peter made a lil' backstage vid, I hope you like it:

I can't wait for the pictures!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Shoot by Jonas Matyassy

Yesterday I had a great shoot with Jonas, who is very fun to work with!
We did some test shots, here are 2 pictures! Hope you like them! :)


I was featured on

Woww, what a great honor!!!  Thanks for for featuring me on their site and since then, a lots of exciting stuff happened! I can't just tell them yet (yeah, superstition... lol ), but it seems I'm gonna travel a lot soon! ;)
I'm really glad so many people said that they love my work, 
so I'm really proud and I can't wait to share my 
experiences with you guys! :)


Thursday, 3 March 2011

I'm signed to Art Models

I'm no longer with Visage, but I'm happy to announce I'm signed with Art what is an even better team, than I've had! Despite to that, of course I feel sorry for my old agency, but we are still friends and that cannot be changed! :)

Now, I'm going back to work! See ya!!!


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