Saturday, 28 November 2009

Cross Tale teaser trailer premiere

So about Cross Tale ( the Sailor Moon - Dragon Ball crossover) I have interesting news! Originally I wanted to make it as a gift becouse I was invited to this premiere! It was made as a short film and it's trailer was shown in the televiion but after that!!! After that I got an offer for dubbing! But just if I create it into a decent long cartoon! What can I do? :D Of course - although it will be my hardest work in my life - don't know if I ask for help, but I can imagine - but I had to convert my short film into a teaser trailer! So here is it:

I decided to make the story into an OVA - don't tell how many episodes (don't even know yet) but I already started the works... but for help in colouring and video editing I might go back to the animation studio - to be able to finish the first episode for a possible 2010 release! It's so exciting! :)
I'm gonna post every news about Cross Tale, send sneek peaks and everything but I also started the works for my next music video for a hungarian celebrity! :) It'll be fun! ;)

Bye! :)

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