Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thanks for the incredible responses people for Cross Tale, you are amazing! I even did a little interview 2 days ago with an anime tv, so it should be online soon - I'm gonna post it, as well as a behind the scenes video, because lots of you are curious how I'm making my videos, so I decided to do it finally!

Aaaand the exciting stuff - I was hired to make a video for a writer too, so that's gonna be awesome too, as well as the Kylie Minogue Closer video is finally coming out on:

Hope you gonna like it! I know you wil! ;)


Friday, 16 September 2011

Cross Tale second trailer is here!!!

Here is the anticipated second trailer!!!!!
Hope you like it, please share it!

It was all created by me, so every bit is original and made by traditional animation! There are many references to the original series and the characters are of course belong to Naoko Takeuchi and Akira Toriyama! Lots of people asks me what program I'm using, but unfortunately there is no such program - it's a lot of hard work!
I started to work officially, so if you want a video, write me here:

Thanks for the lots of kind feedbacks and see you soon,


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hi everybody! Working on Cross Tale at the last week and so was insane - secon trailer is coming on tomorrow - Friday - and it's gonna be epic, I promise! I was learning and experiencing so much at this summer so I hope you guys gonna like it! Also I started to work independently so I undertake jobs - I was very busy lately, so if you need a good anmator or videographer don't be afraid to write me:

After Cross Tale I finish my next video for Kylie Minogue - especially made for her 25 years anniversary - I don't know when will it premier - it depends on her agency, but here is a little snippet of what can you expect:


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