Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Snow Petals promoanimation

    So here is my finished promovideo for Snow Petals! Hope you like it!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Snow Petals promo animation is coming really soon!

I almost finished my short film like promo animation for my original manga - Snow Petals !!!!
I will put it onto my youtube channel -  after I premier it in the Hungarian Viva TV. I don't know when I'll exactly be there, but I'm gonna announce it ASAP!

Snow Petals is a very exciting project for me, because it's my first work what is other than animation, although I involved the animation with this promo video, because it's my specialty.
And when it's out I'm gonna search for foreign publishers too - if you know a good publisher please let me know!

After I'm done with these - no the summer holiday is not gonna happen - I'm going to release in HQ my 'signature' video - Speakerphone by Kylie, along with a new edit with new scenes for the new, remixed version of the song, so stay tuned and if you have something to say - then do it! :)


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