Sunday, 13 February 2011

some news

This week was crazy! I mean it was ALL what crazy means - lots of things happened to me. First of all, there will be lots of changes in the near future what was a must to happen! I guess can move forward more easily after then, but yet changes is the thing I'm not good to handle in... but I'm sure I will feel so much better from now on, after all, everything what happened is good! :)
Another topic - I get lots of questions about Snow Petals and of course Cross tale!
About Snow Petals - I'm making it and gonna publish it as a whole volume so it's a lil' bit more time! But before that I'm making a one-shot side-story which has connections to Snow Petals yet a very beautiful independent story - I'd say a tale! Yeah, it's definitely a fairy tale! I'm gonna tell more about it later!
About Cross Tale - the second trailer is on it's way and is gonna be very good - AND it'll be dubbed!
It's a very problematic thing for me, but I do my best and I can say everything looks very good!
I share a pic with you from the upcoming trailer, I'm curious if you can guess who are behind the dust! :P hope you like it!


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