Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New, high-fashion shoot with Tamás Dobos

Yesterday I had a shoot, like never before! I've always wanted to shoot with Tamás Dobos - I like his works for  example for 'The Room' magazine and the opportunity has finally came!
It was wonderful, the crew was amazing - I especially liked the make up artist - well there will be a loads of make up, so we had the time to talk :D - and the stylist too. The styling is very tricky because the outfits and the make up seems feminine but the result is yet very manly!
It was very easy to work with Tamás - he is a very nice, yet very purposeful person and his ideas were very creative, so I really can't wait to show the pics to you!
Next week I'm gonna shoot with Sam Scott Schiavo and after that with Peter Hencz - who are also amazing photographers, this Thursday I'll have a casting for Kult Hamburg, so these will be quite busy times, but I'm very happy about it!!! :)


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