Saturday, 4 June 2011


Summerbreak is about to start for me and soon I'm gonna go to rest this year to the Adria - aaand to catch up a bit with my own things like my comics, Snow Petals! I'd like to publish it veeery-very soon in the US, so I have to pull myself together a bit! I'm planning some changes as well - a little in the character design and a little in the plot too! And of course there is Cross Tale! I'm so glad about the feedbacks and the lots of nice messages so I try to figure out, how can I publish it - because I won't just leak it - I make it all alone and we are talking about traditional animation, so you can imagine how hard work is it, just for a play! But second trailer is coming!!! ^^
Yeah one thing yet! Can you guys offer me some good publishers in the States or/and in England? I was searching for it on the web, but it's different than if you had experiences with them, so please write some good names to here:

Thanks everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

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