Saturday, 19 March 2011


Hey everybody - yesterday was sooo packed - I had two shoots in one day - the first for Kyra Bak (designer, stylist) - it was a very-very good, colorful 'skater' shoot with another guy for a fashion magazine here - it was very funny, our faces and arms were painted all over and had very cool clothes and jewels!
The other was for another designer - Sophie Boncsér - who made a man-skirt and we did the promo for that - by the way the man-skirt looks really awesome!! I didn't think!  Aaand the photographer was Peter Hencz, who is amazing! I was already a great fan of his photos and I was very happy to be able to work with him! Aaand we will do another shoot next week, couldn't be better! :)
Peter made a lil' backstage vid, I hope you like it:

I can't wait for the pictures!

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