Thursday, 23 December 2010

Viva interwiev, Rihanna win and Happy Christmas!!!!!!

 Hey there people!

Busy times behind me!
First of all - I was featured on Viva Tv on 13th December and had a lovely talk with the 3 VJs - Eszti, Zola and Fluor - they are really nice and I had the chance to paint them there - in LIVE!
It was fun! :)

The other thing - my first poll is closed and I'm so happy - quite much of you voted and it was very head to head - but Rihanna won - thank God! So what is now? I'm planning which song from Loud should I work with and begin the preparations!

This year was sooooooo good! I had the chance to work with and met with so many AMAZING people out there!
But I think this year was the best to place my bombs - which will explode next year which will be even more amazing than this!! :)

I can't wait to begin to travel in January again, just like to start to work on the Rihanna video, and of course on January the new Cross Tale video comes out, so there are quite much to look forward to! :)

But for now it's HOLIDAY TIMEEE!!! I wish you all a very happy and beautiful Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR, filled with a lots of success!!!!!



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