Thursday, 22 May 2014

Closer is finally out!

So my first short film. My first selling item. My first film that has been in film festivals.
That is a lot of first times in my life right now.

It's kind of a strange experience, as I don't put it on youtube and get instant feedback from people, but offer it as a digital download, in exchange for money. The pressure is bigger, the waiting is longer, but also when you get the first positive feedbacks, your happiness is much bigger too.
I have been working on Closer for 1 and a half year and definitely wanted to create something that's more complex and and "bigger" than anything I created before.
So here you go, get Closer for yourself:

And give feedback here:

Sunday, 11 May 2014

I had the chance this month to work with Pasha Shinse, a Russian/Japanese singer - good friend of Origa (Ghost in the shell, Final fantasy) on his upcoming music video which is coming out soon and it's gonna be amazing!

Closer is finally getting released!

Here is the DVD commercial and from 20th of this month you can download it from Amazon and from Ebay!

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